Which Of The Following Figures Is Not A Polygon

Introduction to Polygons

Polygons are fundamental shapes in geometry that consist of straight lines connecting at different angles to form closed figures. They are two-dimensional shapes that are commonly found in mathematics, art, and everyday life. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of polygons and identify which figures do not qualify as polygons.

What is a Polygon?

A polygon is a closed figure made up of straight line segments. It is a two-dimensional shape with different sides, angles, and vertices. The sides of a polygon do not intersect, and the shape does not have any curves or openings. Every polygon has a finite number of sides and angles. The word “polygon” is derived from the Greek words “poly,” meaning many, and “gonia,” meaning angles.

Characteristics of Polygons

To be classified as a polygon, a figure must meet certain criteria:
1. Closed figure: A polygon must be a closed figure, meaning that it has no openings or gaps.
2. Straight sides: The sides of a polygon must be straight lines. No curves or arcs are allowed.
3. Non-intersecting sides: The sides of a polygon cannot cross or intersect each other.
4. Fixed number of sides: A polygon must have a finite number of sides. This could range from a triangle with three sides to a decagon with ten sides or more.
5. Interior angles: The interior angles of a polygon must add up to 180 degrees.
6. Vertices: A polygon has vertices where its sides meet. The number of vertices is equal to the number of sides.

Identifying Non-Polygon Figures

Not all closed figures are polygons. There are certain figures that do not meet the criteria to be classified as polygons. Let’s explore some of these non-polygon figures and why they do not qualify as polygons.

Curved Shapes

Curved shapes such as circles, ovals, and ellipses are not considered polygons. These shapes have curves instead of straight sides, which violates the criteria for polygons. They are also not made up of line segments and do not have a fixed number of sides and angles.

Regular vs. Irregular Figures

Regular polygons have all sides and angles that are equal in measure, such as equilateral triangles, square, and regular hexagons. These figures are classified as polygons as they meet all the criteria. Irregular polygons have sides and angles of different measures. As long as they meet the criteria for polygons, irregular figures are still considered polygons.

Identifying Non-Polygon Figures

We can identify non-polygon figures by examining their characteristics and determining whether they meet the criteria for polygons. Some common non-polygon figures include:

1. Nonagon

A nonagon is a nine-sided polygon. It has nine straight sides and nine vertices, meeting the criteria for a polygon. Therefore, a nonagon is indeed a polygon.

2. Circle

A circle is a curved shape that does not have straight sides. It consists of an infinite number of points equidistant from a central point. As a result, a circle does not qualify as a polygon.

3. Rhombus

A rhombus is a four-sided figure with straight sides and four equal-length sides, making it a regular polygon. Therefore, a rhombus is classified as a polygon.

4. Trapezoid

A trapezoid is a four-sided figure with only one pair of parallel sides. The non-parallel sides can be of different lengths, making it an irregular quadrilateral. Despite being irregular, a trapezoid still meets the criteria for a polygon.

5. Crescent

A crescent is a curved shape that consists of two circular arcs with a gap between them. It does not have straight sides and cannot be classified as a polygon.


In conclusion, polygons are closed figures with straight sides, a fixed number of angles and vertices, and non-intersecting line segments. Non-polygon figures include curved shapes such as circles and crescents, as well as shapes with an infinite number of sides. By understanding the characteristics of polygons, we can differentiate between polygons and non-polygon figures and gain a deeper understanding of geometric shapes.

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