Why Does Snowball Want To Build A Windmill

Windmills have always been a symbol of sustainability and renewable energy, providing power without contributing to pollution or environmental degradation. In George Orwell’s classic novel, “Animal Farm,” Snowball, one of the pigs and a key leader in the animal rebellion, proposes building a windmill on the farm. But why does Snowball want to build a windmill, and what does it represent in the context of the story?

1. The Vision for Progress

Snowball’s vision for the windmill represents progress and modernization, as well as a desire to improve the lives of the animals on the farm. In the novel, Snowball presents the idea of building a windmill as a way to generate electricity and make the animals’ lives easier by providing power for various tasks. This vision of progress mirrors the real-world movement towards renewable energy sources and sustainable practices.

2. Self-Sufficiency and Independence

The windmill represents self-sufficiency and independence for the animals on the farm, as they would no longer have to rely on humans for their energy needs. By harnessing the power of the wind, the animals could generate their own electricity and reduce their dependence on outside sources. This idea of self-sufficiency aligns with the animals’ desire to break free from human control and establish their own autonomy.

3. Economic Benefits

Building a windmill could bring economic benefits to the farm, as it would reduce the need to purchase electricity from outside sources. By generating their own power, the animals could save money and resources, ultimately improving their economic situation. Additionally, the surplus electricity produced by the windmill could be sold to neighboring farms or communities, creating an additional source of income for the animals.

4. Symbol of Unity and Cooperation

The windmill becomes a symbol of unity and cooperation among the animals, as they work together to build and maintain the structure. In the novel, Snowball’s proposal to build the windmill is met with enthusiasm by the other animals, who recognize the potential benefits of the project. By collaborating on the construction of the windmill, the animals strengthen their bond and demonstrate their ability to work towards a common goal.

5. Resistance to Oppression

Building the windmill represents a form of resistance to oppression and exploitation, as the animals seek to assert their independence and challenge the authority of the humans. In the novel, the windmill becomes a symbol of defiance against the human farmer, Mr. Jones, who represents the oppressive forces that the animals are fighting against. By building the windmill, the animals assert their right to control their own destiny and determine their future.

6. Environmental Consciousness

Constructing a windmill reflects the animals’ concern for the environment and their commitment to sustainable practices. In the novel, Snowball emphasizes the environmental benefits of the windmill, highlighting its ability to reduce pollution and reliance on non-renewable energy sources. By embracing renewable energy, the animals demonstrate their dedication to preserving the environment and minimizing their impact on the planet.

7. The Symbol of Hope

The windmill represents hope for a better future, as the animals envision a prosperous and independent life with the completion of the project. Despite setbacks and challenges, the animals remain optimistic about the potential of the windmill to improve their lives and secure their freedom. The symbol of the windmill inspires hope and motivates the animals to persevere in the face of adversity.

In conclusion, Snowball’s desire to build a windmill in “Animal Farm” represents a variety of themes and ideas, including progress, self-sufficiency, economic benefits, unity, resistance, environmental consciousness, and hope. The windmill serves as a powerful symbol of the animals’ aspirations for a better future and their determination to create a sustainable and independent society. Through the construction of the windmill, the animals strive to overcome oppression, improve their lives, and forge a new path towards freedom and prosperity.

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